Apr 15, 2018 | Town Hall
Till Debt Us Do Part
An eclectic afternoon of gentle humour, insightful quips, experimental theatre and multimedia mastery awaits those who venture to our Town Hall venue this Sunday. Till Debt Us Do Part is a wonderful one woman performance by Tina Sederholm and conversely SOLO2 is a collection of numerous mono and duologues blended seamlessly into a creative compendium!
Time & Location
Sunday 15th April 2018
Town Hall
Swindon Dance
Regents Circs
About The Performances

(Ages 18+)

Till Debt Us Do Part

Till Debt Us Do Part finds Tina as she wakes up amongst rumpled credit card receipts and a pile of rejection letters, in the embrace of an offer she couldn’t resist. How did she get here, and more importantly, how is she going to get out? And with the UK 1.65 trillion pounds in debt, is it ever possible to be truly debt-free? Join us for a humorous exploration of debt, through poetry, personal stories and actual research, as award-winning poet Tina Sederholm gets real about money. Funny, insightful, tender... an hour of genius storytelling. **** edfringereview.com


An eclectic dynamic afternoon of contemporary monologues/Solo performances, featuring a range of new writing, some being performed for the first time. The schedule includes traditional & experimental character acting (from all ages 16+ and diverse characters), multimedia/film presentations as well as readings from award winning writers. Expect the unexpected, some thing for every one in this smorgasbord of performances from local and national talent. The evening ends explosively with 2 linked 2 minute Duologues in celebration of our 2nd year at the Swindon Fringe Festival. Shout Out Productions are delighted to showcase new talent both, writers and performers as well as new work from experienced professionals.

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