Apr 06, 2019 | the victoria
the groovy pig
music festival
Back again and groovier than ever! The Victoria will once again be hosting the Swinges premier music event with 7 hours of eclectic, bombastic and uplifting music. As always spanning a broad variety of genres, tempos and styles The Groovy Pig is a must for music lovers of all kinds!
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Time & Location
Saturday 6th April 2019
5.00pm - Midnight
The Victoria
Victoria Road
About The Performances

The Bellflowers

Two voices and one accordion, carefully blended for wonderful folk, Wiltshire-based duo Claire Amor and Jessie Thompson are regulars of the Swindon Fringe and play spine-tingling melodic and enchanting tunes.

The Ukey D'Ukes

One of the top rocking ukulele bands in the UK, these guys combine great vocals, recognisable chart toppers and various electric ukuleles give a cool, solid sound. The Ukey D'Ukes appeal to all ages and love nothing more than seeing their audience smiling, singing at the top of their voices, dancing and just having fun.

Flour Babies

Local five-piece band drawing heavily on the synth sounds of the Eighties and the vocal style of The Pixies’ Black Francis to create their own brand of psychedelic rock.

Damon T

This New York City-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is influenced by Americana roots and traditional music, exploring the rich heritage of early African-American blues, spirituals, folk and slavery & work songs. A passionate, soulful vocalist who captures the diverse spirit of traditional music in a unique and modern way.

Billy In The Lowground

Often shoe-horned into the pigeonhole marked ‘Folk Rock’, mainly because they’re loud and there’s a distinct Irish influence courtesy of fiddle player Ruth Behan, their sound is continuously evolving and incorporates elements of Americana, Rock, and Country. Comparisons are sometimes made with the Waterboys and the Levellers, but there’s a distinctive tone to the band that’s all their own.

Luke Philbrick

Original roots music drawing on traditional blues and folk influences. Startlingly powerful vocals, raw delta blues styled guitar and an almost tribal foot-stomping beat combine to create a special atmosphere. Luke has an authentic blues voice which is enhanced by his home-made guitars and resonator: the sound that is produced paints a vivid picture of 30’s and 40’s dust-bowl mid-America.


Describing their sound as rock-soul/electronic, Hallelugenia is a Bristol-based duo, who have quickly made inroads into the Bristol music scene since they formed back in 2015.  They aim to generate an experimental sound, smashing an alternative rock soul into an electronic suit. Expect freaky beats, trippy tunes, electronic ballads and more.


A spiritual, sultry and – sweaty – alternative experimental Swindon group, this trio’s tunes come thick and fast, combining funk, soul and disco pop with a bit of shouting and plenty of punk energy. Guaranteed to get the crowd dancing.

Spunking Octochoke

Describing themselves as a two-bit ‘Spunk Rock’ band from Bristol, these guys are the musical equivalent of an angst-ridden teenager, shouting, swearing and rolling around the stage while singing about sex toys. Their tunes are catchy and their language is obscene – could there be a more perfect way to end the Groovy Pig?

Age: 18+

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