Apr 10, 2018 | The Victoria
The Casting | Listen
A night of high contrast at The Victoria. The Casting is a slick modern drama examining desperation, greed and dignity. Listen is a stark, brutal and savagely honest exploration of what modern warfare really means.
Time & Location
Tuesday 10th April 2018
The Victoria
Victoria Road
About The Performances

(Ages 16+)

The Casting

€100,000 for just one night. Only the most motivated (or the most desperate?) will be hired. In a bleak basement, a job interviewer named Mr T. is challenging two candidates – Sarah and Miguel – in order to choose the best one for a mysterious job. The only thing we know is that the reward is huge. The public is caught up in an on-going conversation that at first looks like a normal job interview, but that in time reveals itself to be anything but. The Casting pitches one against another, alone in front of a terrible question: how much is my dignity worth?



Everyone knows being a soldier is hard. Everyone knows warfare is nasty...but if you've never seen a dismembered body up close then you can't possibly, truly understand. For those who've witnessed the worst things imaginable, the world can never be the same again; and for those that haven't...the least we can do is listen. 

Matt Fox's monologue is a stark, brutal and savagely honest exploration of what modern warfare really means, and is performed by Swindon Theatre's own enfant terrible, Peter Hynds.

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