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Take Care
Wolf Tamer
Showing the more sensitive side of the Swinge this double bill has a soft focus on mental health and wellbeing. Take Care highlights an ever more relevant subject matter, shining a light on the treatment of the elderly within the NHS. Wolf Tamer is a touching autobiographical show that explores how we deal with grief and the pain of losing someone we love. 
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Time & Location
Tuesday 9th April 2019
Theatre Square
About The Performances

Take Care

'Take Care' lifts the lid on how the elderly care system is currently operated, following stories from a huge variety of people - from personal carers to NHS Health Officials.


Based purely on interviews conducted around the country, 'Take Care' is a humorous and touching verbatim production that tackles the fact that we are an ageing population, acknowledges that the healthcare system is currently at a point of crisis, and ask the question - what can we do to change things for the better?

Wolf Tamer

Rachel has lost her hero. Her uncle Neil has died unexpectedly. In the wake of his death she becomes reclusive, struggling to leave the house. To make sense of her loss she travels back in time and revisits the incredible stories Neil told her as a child, of adventures around the world. This autobiographical show is an honest, often comical exploration of grief and the power of storytelling. Wolf Tamer sheds a new light on the darkest times in our lives and is ultimately a story of courage and survival.

Ages 16+

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