"...caused the earth to move, made the stars shine brighter and solved Brexit."


Can you believe it? And we've got so much coming.

We've just announced our Brunel Shopping Centre programme full of workshops, music and family friendly performances. And it's all for you to view absolutely free! Check out our page for more information FAMILY FUN @ THE BRUNEL

If you want to see more than 5 performances. Get yourself a Fancy Platinum Ticket! Gives you access to every single show at the Swindon Fringe Festival at £50. With a programme of over 100 performers, you can get a lot for your money. Purchasable at any Swindon Fringe Festival show or online Platinum Ticket

In The Spotlight


Saturday 7th April 2018, 2:30pm

Phoenix Theatre, New College


By BearDog


After the death of his father, Ronan is returning to his island home town that he no longer belongs to. Thea hopes of the loss of his mother decades before follow him, as does the memory of her disappearing into the night in a coat made of seal skin. Or was that just a story he tells himself? Inspired by the Scottish myth of Selkies and updated for today. Sealfie interweaves live music, puppet seals and human actors to dissect grief, fractured and unreliable memories and the stories we ‘re told to make it all easier.

For Do You Mind?

"[Joni's] self-deprecating humour easily wins the audience over and dissipates the unease at talking such a personal subject...I came away from the first of the programme with a lot of respect for her candidness and her abilities as a storyteller." - Breaking the Fourth Wall


Saturday 7th April 2018, 7:30pm

Phoenix Theatre, New College

Nathan & IDa's Hot Dog Stand

by Nathan & Ida


Nathan and Ida Hardwerker head to the New World with only a will to succeed and a secret sauce recipe. They go on a surreal journey through life, love, death and danger, chasing their dream of opening the greatest hot dog stand Coney Island has ever seen! A feast of physical comedy served with generous helpings of clowning, mime, dance and a pinch of puppetry (with hints of classic cartoons), this fast-paced, two-hander evokes a glorious bygone era of silent movies, carnival rides and sepia-toned postcards. An alternative biopic very loosely based on a real life hot dog stand.

"I was simply left wanting to watch more" ★★★★ ThreeWeeks

“Cleverly written sketches ... slick, scripted comedy of the highest quality” Buxton Fringe 2014

Buxton Fringe Festival Best Comedy Show 2014

Finalists Sketch Fest 2014


Tuesday 10th April 2018, 7:30pm

The Victoria, Old Town

The Casting



€100,000 for just one night. Only the most motivated (or the most desperate?) will be hired. In a bleak basement, a job interviewer named Mr T. is challenging two candidates – Sarah and Miguel – in order to choose the best one for a mysterious job. The only thing we know is that the reward is huge. The public is caught up in an on-going conversation that at first looks like a normal job interview, but that in time reveals itself to be anything but. The Casting pitches one against another, alone in front of a terrible question: how much is my dignity worth?

““The story is a crescendo of tension and cruelty.” – CANTAMI O DEA

PREMIO NAZIONALE GIOVANI REALTÀ DEL TEATRO 2016 – Artistic Jury Award November 2016

Civica Accademia D’Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe, Udine. - NATIONAL PRIZE OF ARTS 2017

Theatre (Best Playwriting) 28 of April 2017


Wednesday 11th April 2018, 7:30pm

The Victoria, Old Town

The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long

By Thereby Hangs A Tale Theatre Company


Soldier, survivor, slave, shamen. "This is the tale of what men can and cannot do when they must do something or die". The conquistador, Cabeza De Vaca, shipwrecked in Florida in 1528, addresses his king, telling how he was lost, saved, enslaved, and finally became a healer to the tribes who helped him find his way back to so-called civilisation eight years later. A true story told by local actor, Tom Morris, with live double bass accompaniment, composed and performed by Gavin Irvine.


Friday 13th April 2018, 10:30am

Town Hall, Swindon Dance

Friendly ever after

by NOS Three


Friendly Ever After is a lovely story of Sarmento and Daluz, two young clowns trying to find true friendship. When fate unites them, they realise that cultivating a new friendship is not an easy job, particularly at this early stage of their lives. They discover together the beauty of friendship and the need to respect, help and understand one’s friend. Between many jokes, arguments, disputes and funny situations, Sarmento and Daluz discover with the help of the audience that friendship can be deeper and more rewarding if they simply start to act with kindness and tolerance towards one another.

“Grabbed audience attention from the beginning, a super performance from start to finish. Very original!" - Stoke Park School Teacher

"The children were completely absorbed in the characters and the stories they were telling" - Parent

"The theme of friendship was very useful to trigger conversations about the play in the classroom" - Teacher Assistant

Swindon Fringe Festival Award for Best Performance in 2017

Portuguese Theatre Federation Award for Best Actress in 2012

Portuguese Theatre Federation Honorable Mention for Best Actor in 2012

INATEL National Theatre Contest Award for Best Play in 2010

Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Sealfie We are BearDog and we are bringing our fresh new show Sealfie from the coasts of Scotland, Dorset and Sussex. We tell stories. We look at the way people feel and the way life affects people and find the stories that embody those experiences. We try to shine light on the unheard, the unsaid and the unseen. When others draw back, we draw in.

Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand With a feast of physical comedy served with generous helpings of clowning, mime and puppetry, we are Ida Berglöw Kenneway (Swedish) and Nathan Peter Grassi (Australian). We are based in Oxford and we entertain everybody using our particular brand of irreverent storytelling, to create theatre based on the personal stories from people all over the world; but mainly to make people glow with warmth of too much love and laughter!

The Casting Le Ore Piccole*, an Italian company made up of four former students of the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. (*Le Ore Piccole is an Italian idiomatic sentence meaning “short hours”, you use it especially when you go to bed very late in the night cause you had a really good time with the right people).

The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long I am Tom Morris from Thereby Hangs A Tale Theatre Company. I'm bringing two amazing Spanish stories by the American poet Haniel Long.

Friendly Ever After We are NOS Three Theatre Company. NOS Three is a collective of three Brazilian artists creating new authentic works. Friendly Ever After is a lovely story of two clowns cultivating true friendship.

Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

S Iain runs on black coffee, Joni can’t have caffeine (it makes her hands shake) and Tom is easy going.

NIHTS COFFEE. Maybe a little too much but heck, we gotta get our energy from somewhere, and what’s wrong with a cup of Joe … every hour?

TC Coffee, of course. Too many coffees a day. Italian espresso.

What kind of audiences to you appeal to?

S Anyone who enjoys emotional rollacoasters and crying over puppets. Also dogs (we’ve genuinely played to an audience with two dogs... and some people)

NIHTS Anyone who loves a good rags-to-riches story; anyone who has a dream; anyone who knows the value of honest, hard work and has a belief in themselves. Anyone who has eaten a full meal before they came – otherwise you’ll get hungry half way through.

TC Those people which are fond of TV series telling kind of dystopian stories about our contemporary age.

FEA Children from 5 to 12 years old and children from “all ages”.

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

S Sealfie is an honest take on grief using sincere table-top puppetry and live music.

TC A Black Mirror’s atmosphere in a cruel story based on a news item, all mixed in a very “Millennial generation” nightmare: taking part in a thrilling job interview.

TICDVHL Unheard of stories told with original music played live and featuring the Argentinian street dancer and actress Magdalena Ruiz

If your show was a signature pizza, what would be the toppings?

S Tuna, anchovies and chips. We have a sea theme going here.

NIHTS Pizza? PIZZA?! We only sell hot dogs here!

TC A multitude of very spicy Italian salami

TICDVHL Pizza?! I think you mean Spanish omelette!

FEA It would be fruity, sweet and nice, but with notes of spicy, and loads of cheese!

Which famous person would you like to do a show with?

S Joni would give her left arm to work with Handspring Puppet Company.

NIHTS Oh, well: Fred & Ginger, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker and of course, The Great Jimmy Durante himself!

FEA Slava Polunin (a famous Russian clown)

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Swinge this year?

S Individual Medley who we will be sharing the stage with on the 7th! Her trailer has gotten so many 00’s songs in our heads! It’s like being transported back to our teen-hood!

NIHTS We’re looking forward to seeing our fellow stage-mates: Warwick Comedy’s Stand up Special. Ain’t nothin’ like a bit of comedy! But there’s such an array – we don’t know where to start!

TC Our show-mate, Brönte.

TICDVHL I always laugh myself stupid at Instant Wit which is on Saturday 14th April. Chris Grimes is the funniest man west of Junction 16 on the M4.

FEA Smiley happy kids and parents.

“I’d be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?”

S ...resonates truthfully with someone in the audience.

TC ...will have some viewers that come back home a little bit different than before.

TICDVHL ...caused the earth to move, made the stars shine brighter and solved Brexit.

FEA … if we manage to touch people’s hearts delivering a beautiful message and contributing with a good theatre image and practice.

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Nathan & Ida's Hot Dog Stand

The Casting

The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long

Friendly Ever After

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