"You might get restrained."

BRRRR. We hope you're keeping wrapped up warm at home, with a cup of tea and a Swindon Fringe Festival Brochure.

Matt and Molly will be on the radio today. Tune in to BBC Wiltshire at 2pm to have a listen.

In The Spotlight


Friday 6th April 2018, 7:00pm

The Crossing, Brunel Shopping Centre

Tony Cowards

at The Opening Night


“The best joke writer around" (GQ) returns with his new show bursting at the seams with glorious gags, preposterous puns and witty one-liners. Punderdog is the follow up to last year's hilarious Daft Pun, which featured in the Top Jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe for The Scotsman, The Daily Mirror, The Evening Standard and The I newspaper. If you like your comedy fast and furious, daft and silly (and let's face it, who doesn't?), then "you'll definitely enjoy this!" ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby.com)."A brilliant joke-teller" (FiveAA.com.au, Adelaide Fringe). After all, everyone loves a punderdog.


Sunday 8th April 2018, 5:00pm

The Victoria, Old Town

FLame & CO

at the Groovy Pig Music Festival

Flame&Co explore both flamenco’s deepest roots and its new intrepid of shoots in a spirit of personal interpretation and duende. Flamenco being a kindred spirit of the blues, soul is the one vital ingredient and each performance is never quite the same. Expect guitarist Haydn Bonadie’s mastery (gained in Algeciras) and be prepared for a surprise blues or two if the winds lean that way


Monday 9th April 2018, 7:30pm

The Victoria, Old Town

Short Plays for marvellous people

by Paul Richards


Join comedy writer/performer Paul Richards for three beautifully comedic plays in 1 hour. Watch and giggle as the 36-year-old ("constantly makes you smile" - Get Reading) struggles with the basics of life...such as hiring help to move house whilst retaining his own sense of masculinity, being trapped in a pub toilet and finally preparing for a date with the girl of his dreams. Gentle, heart-warming theatre, suitable for all ages.

"Simple yet imaginative, it’s a charming show that’ll tickle you silly." - Visit Dublin

“Sweet, grounded and self-deprecating…Paul delivers his stories with a genuine honesty that is immediately endearing.” – Heckler magazine


Friday 13th April 2018, 7:30pm

Town Hall, Swindon Dance

Fruitcake: Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward


Comic, poet and reformed psychiatric nurse Rob Gee presents a user-friendly guide to losing the plot. ★★★★★ “A one-man thespian army.” CBC, Canada ★★★★½ “A tour de force!” Victoria Times ★★★★ “One show you’d be crazy to miss!” Toronto Eye “A witty, skilful storyteller… Gee has pitched it perfectly” Chortle “Terrifically well-written… the kind of Fringe performer you pray you’ll discover.” Orlando Sentinel "An unforeseen highlight, a convulsively funny and surprisingly moving tribute to humanity’s collective psychosis.” Minnesota Examiner Winner,

Best of Fest – Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary Fringe Festivals.


Sunday 15th April 2018, 2:30pm

Town Hall, Swindon Dance

Till debt do us part

by Tina Sederholm


Till Debt Us Do Part finds Tina as she wakes up amongst rumpled credit card receipts and a pile of rejection letters, in the embrace of an offer she couldn’t resist. How did she get here, and more importantly, how is she going to get out? And with the UK 1.65 trillion pounds in debt, is it ever possible to be truly debt-free? Join us for a humorous exploration of debt, through poetry, personal stories and actual research, as award-winning poet Tina Sederholm gets real about money.

"Funny, insightful, tender... an hour of genius storytelling." ★★★★ edfringereview.com

Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Tony Cowards I am bringing my stand up comedy show "Punderdog" to The Opening Night. I make people laugh at cheesy jokes.

Flame&Co Haydn Bonadie and Cristina Navazo-Eguía, originally from Spain and London, we are 100% authentically mongrel flamenco (made up of guitar and voice). We awaken the dormant flamenco soul deep within each being, human or not.

Short Plays For Marvellous People I’m Paul Richards – a comedy writer and performer. I'm bringing a lovely new show called Short Plays for Marvellous People all the way from Cambridge.

Fruitcake: Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward I am Rob Gee – psych nurse turned stand up poet from Leicester.

Till Debt Do Us Part Tina Sederholm, poet, author and raconteur. My sole purpose is to make funny, thought-provoking and inspiring shows.

Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

TC Tea.

F&C Haydn: Coffee and Tea. Cristina: Coffee. I would drink tea but the Camelia Sinensis plant thinks it wants to poison me and no talking would persuade it otherwise.



TDDUP Tea. I love the smell of coffee but it turns me into a lunatic.

What kind of audiences to you appeal to?

TC Ones who like cheesy jokes

SPMP It’s a really gentle comedy show, with no bad language and should appeal to all.

FTCPW Anyone interested in comedy, slam poetry or mental health

TDDUP Anyone who has struggled with money

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

TC It features lots of cheesy jokes

F&C A stirring of the soul. If they have one. If they don’t, they’ll get it anyway.

FTCPW You might get restrained.

TDDUP Worried about money? I can’t promise to make you richer, but I will make you feel better.

If your show was a signature pizza, what would be the toppings?

TC Lots of cheese

F&C Any toppings, even no toppings at all would do because the dough would be amazing and you could eat it bare.

FTCPW Nuts, I suppose.

TDDUP Rocket, pesto and prosciutto

Which famous person would you like to do a show with?

TC Milton Jones

F&C Mayte Martin (what, you don’t know her???!!!!) Janis Joplin, if she was around. Neil Young, while he is.

SPMP Comedian Alex Horne, who is a bit of an understated genius.


TDDUP Amy Poehler or Melissa McCarthy. They are both so funny and big-hearted.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Swinge this year?

TC Canutes Plastic Army who are playing before me

F&C Gilmore n' Jaz

SPMP Helen Wood’s show (The O.S. Map Fan Club) looks quirky and brilliant so I’m looking forward to that.

TDDUP Fruitcake; Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward. I love Rob Gee.

“I’d be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?”

F&C ...had the audience buzzing with the dark sweet honey of flamenco.

SPMP ...warmed the hearts of those who saw it.

TDDUP ...lifts the spirits of everyone who sees it, and starts a conversation about how we can get more real about money.

Buy your tickets below


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Tony Cowards


Short Plays For Marvellous People

Fruitcake: Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward

Till Debt Do Us Part

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