“Blimey, that was a tenner well spent!"

Swindon Fringe Festival Brochures are out and about all over the town.


Between The Ocelot and Swindon Fringe Festival Team, we've be putting these red hot items in pubs, libraries, cafes restaurants and businesses in Swindon.

To celebrate, you can win 2 tickets to the show of your choice. Just post a selfie with the Fringe brochure & the hashtag#haveyougotyoursyet Once they're all delivered, we'll let you know where you can get one. * Entries close 10pm Sun 18 March. * The winner will be notified by Wed 21 March. * Posts set as public may be shared to our page. https://www.facebook.com/SwindonFringeFestival/

In The Spotlight


Friday 6th April 2018, 7:00pm

The Crossing, Brunel Shopping Centre

Canute's plastic army

at The Opening Night


Canute's Plastic Army is an acoustic duo consisting of Anish Harrison’s vocals (prev. of theTeddy White Band) and Neil Mercer on guitar (prev. of Rumour Shed and the Dacoits).The band began as a solo project of Neil, who started playing and writing on his own due to depleting band mates. In 2016 Anish and Neil discovered a shared love of dark, twisted songs by artists as disparate as Odetta, Cate Le Bon and Pulp. Anish’s soaring vocals and Neil’s dynamic acoustic guitar was a potent mix. They quickly started writing dark and twisted songs of their own.

"a perfect balancing act of Anish Noble-Harrison’s spellbinding vocals and Neil Mercer’s delicate yet dynamic use of acoustic guitar" Well, how kind. Thanks Claire Dukes! @theocelotmag https://t.co/Mrb60n0AGA

“a perfect balancing act of Anish Noble-Harrison's spellbinding vocals and Neil Mercer's delicate yet dynamic use of acoustic guitar" Claire Dukes, The Ocelot


Sunday 8th April 2018, 5:00pm

The Victoria, Old Town

Spunking octochoke

at the Groovy Pig Music Festival


Spunking Octochoke don’t beat around the bush: we’re gonna bush you up and all around and round and round do we go. We’ve got something to get out of our systems and into yours. You need to feel us punk all over you. There’s nothing like it and you won’t want it to stop. You’ll feel something but you won’t know what it is. We don’t know what it is either. We don’t give a shit.

“confrontational and sideways" Dave Franklin, the Swindon Advertister

“everybody’s favourite mollusc/plant/discharge-related combo” John Kean, Bristol Live Magazine

“Punk with a capital ‘s’ ” John Kean, Bristol Live Magazine

“acutely adept at the crafting out of spiky and soured fuzz pop that’s sometimes finger jabbingly edgy and playfully funky in an oddly bent of shape way” https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/

Top Bristol Band- Chris DTYM in Bristol Live Magazine 25th April 2017


Thursday 12th April 2018, 7:30pm

Olive Tree Cafe, Cheney Manor

I AM not a soldier

by Harriet Porter


A semi-autobiographical performance exploring addiction to coping mechanisms. Escaping reality when reality gets too absurd. Venturing into the more absurd. Questioning tales behind people’s obsessions. Harriet (and the voice inside her head) will explain her obsession with escapism from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, recalling her time at a support group.


Saturday 14th April 2018, 7:30pm

Phoenix Theatre, New College

instant wiT


The best in improvised comedy - sketches, songs and general silliness, all of it based around audience suggestions. And if you’re too shy to shout anything out you’ll have the chance to write things down (anonymously!) in the interval. Ever wanted to hear a Country and Western song about a fondue set? Or see a Shakespearean scene set in the Co-op? Well tonight could be your night! Good suggestions get flying packets of custard, the best a bottle of wine. If you like your comedy fast-paced and with a slightly unusual edge, this is definitely for you.

“These are conspicuously skilful performers – everyone is exhilarated on stage and off!” The Guardian

“Instant Wit produce a show of surreal, mad-cap improvised hilarity that will leave you aching with laughter, chuckling with the stupidity of it all and, no doubt, wanting to go again.” The Bristol Eight magazine

“Instant Wit are a team of very funny people who produce a professional, very funny show. This must rank as one of the hits of the fringe.” Bath Chronicle


Sunday 15th April 2018, 7:30pm

Town Hall, Swindon Dance


by The Scullions Neoterics


“But you never know, do you? No, you just never know what is going on inside the heart of a person, you can’t really ever be sure.”Autobahn invites you to take a peek into the lives of 10 different people. 10 people that stretch the width and breadth of British culture. Everyone has something to say, but what isn’t being said? what is really going on under the surface? The Scullions Neoterics invite you to ask these questions in this fast, original and immersive production that brings The Scullions to new and exciting heights in this thought-provoking adaptation.

Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Canute's Plastic Army We are from Swindon will play acoustic goth-folk-poppy sparkles to the masses.

Spunking Octochoke We met in Southampton and then started spunking together in Bristol. Our Sole Purpose is to bring SPUNK AND NOISE.

I Am Not A Soldier I'm Harriet from Chichester. I'm coming to Swindon to educate on Mental Health and to give audience members the chance to ask questions

Instant Wit Stephanie Weston here; Artistic Director of Instant Wit. We are based in Bristol and make people laugh with our Quick Fire Comedy Improvisation Show

Autobahn We are The Scullions Neoterics! An off-shoot company of The Scullions made up of young and passionate performers of the southwest. The Neoterics branch gives us a way to explore a much wider variety of performance for as much as we love playing with Shakespeare’s epic tales we are well aware there’s a big world of theatre out there! We are bringing our debut show, Autobahn by Neil LaBute. The play brings together a variety of scenarios that all present themselves in the front seats of a car.

Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

CPA Both is necessary.

SO We like herbal teas.

IANS Tea, strong. 2 sugars. Like a builder.

IW Coffee.

What kind of audiences to you appeal to?

CPA Humans who like acoustic music, loop pedals and cats.

SO All kinds of weird people come to our shows… the common factor is they are all sweaty.

IANS Everyone with an interest in mental health and gaining knowledge.

IW Everyone we hope, but especially those who like their comedy with an element of risk (for us, not them – you don’t have to wear a high vis jacket or anything…)

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

IANS You get the opportunity to hear from my utterly hilarious auditory hallucination

IW The whole show is based on audience suggestions – sketches, songs and general silliness.

AB The play brings together a variety of scenarios that all present themselves in the front seats of a car. Each of the stories we are telling have twists and turns that we reckon will catch everybody off guard!

If your show was a signature pizza, what would be the toppings?

CPA Death and glitter.

SO Cream (copious amounts obviously), cheese (so stinky it’s wrong), chillis (obnoxiously hot) with sequins that stick in your throat.

IANS Probably something classic like chicken and bacon and then marshmallows thrown in there.

IW Custard, soup and wine. Why? It’s what we give away for the best suggestions.

AB Sweet and Sour Chicken! Completely original and can be both sharp and sweet.

Which famous person would you like to do a show with?

CPA Tim Minchin. He’s brilliant.

IANS Stephen Fry. But I’d probably continue to stare at him and ask him to read me Harry Potter.

IW Jane Austen; quick and witty. She’d be up for it as well, given that her publisher made her cut all the scenes where Mr Darcy does improv out of “Pride and Prejudice”.

AB Perhaps a very common answer but I would have to say Sir Ian Mckellen!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Swinge this year?

SO SexJazz: my favourite live band.

IANS The Lightening Tree, any retro thriller on stage sells me a ticket!

IW The double bill of The OS Map Fan Club & Short Plays for Marvellous People. Sounds interesting and different.

AB Be Happy, Harry Hippo! A fellow Scullion is part of the show which looks to be a gorgeous piece of theatre for all the family!

“I’d be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?”

CPA ...ended with New Orleans funeral march.

IANS ...allowed my audience to feel comfortable to ask questions and start a conversation, either with me or other people.

IW …made people think, “blimey, that was a tenner well spent!”

AB ...kept everyone guessing to the very last moments!

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Canute's Plastic Army

Spunking Octochoke

I Am Not a Soldier

Instant Wit


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