Tuna, Cheese and a Sprinkling of Smarties...

Happy Friday everyone! 7 weeks and counting til the start of the Swindon Fringe Festival. We cannot wait to see all these acts in April. If you're like the Swinge Team, we still can't decide what we want to watch!

To give you a bit of a flavour beyond the blurb and photos, read on to get a little insight to the performers. Who do they aspire to be? If their show was a pizza, what would be the toppings? Do they drink tea or coffee?

If you can't decide there is always our Platinum Tickets! For £50 you can watch all acts from 6th - 15th April. Access to 56 performances in just one ticket.

Read on to decide what YOU should go and see...if you can't decide, just come a see it ALL!

In The Spotlight


Saturday 9th April 2018, 2:30pm

Phoenix Theatre, New College

Individual Medley

Featuring Katrina Quinn


Q. What happens when you move a 12-year-old from Basingstoke to Zambia? A. She swims Spoken word meets physical theatre in a coming-of-age tale about crossing borders. Join Katrina on a mesmerising poetic journey as she (awkwardly) discovers boys, boobs, backstroke and boarding school. This is a story of learning to fit into one’s skin—with the help of some swimming lessons and a sprinkling of early 00’s R’n’B!

“Absolutely stunning performance. Kept us enthralled from start to finish” Audience member from a sold out run at Brighton Fringe 2017

“It’s rare that my attention stays on point for 10 minutes let alone an hour, but I was captivated for the duration” Audience member from Penzance Literature Festival July 2017

“The IM requires prowess in all four strokes, stamina and speed; Katrina’s poet prowess is truly gold-medal material” The Cornishman


Sunday 8th April 2018, 11:00am

Olive Tree Cafe, Cheney Manor

George and the flight of the imaginees

by Brave Bold Drama


Within the confines of his bedroom, George can conjure pre-historic beasts and subterranean mythical creatures simply by slipping through a black hole into other-worldly dimensions. All these imaginings are just for fun, until George is summoned to protect the Ancient Spirits of the Imaginees. Harnessing his magical powers against those that seek to dim the dazzling light of creativity - join George as he stretches ideas into even more fantastical brand new shapes. ​

A globe-trotting quest bursting at the seams with magical illuminations and original music - in a tale about how limitless imagination can be (and how it can get you into a spot of bother sometimes!)

“Brave Bold Drama connects with its audience and has great outreach. Doing something positive. A very impressive organisation.” Bristol Life Awards 2017 Judges

“It’s rare that my attention stays on point for 10 minutes let alone an hour, but I was captivated for the duration” Audience member from Penzance Literature Festival July 2017

“The IM requires prowess in all four strokes, stamina and speed; Katrina’s poet prowess is truly gold-medal material” The Cornishman WINNER OF BRISTOL LIFE AWARDS 2017

Winner of best kid's show, swindon fringe festival 2017

winner of Best Children’s Theatre Show, Shaftesbury Fringe 2016.


Wednesday 11th April 2018, 7:30pm

The Victoria, Old Town

The Lightning Tree

by Something Theatre


1960’s America. A man sits in a mental institution awaiting his ‘fate’. Disturbed by a tale that he re beginning from childhood in the ‘Great Depression’, he tries to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. How did he end up being held in such a place and will his twisted, broken memory and dreams become reality? Will he ever see ‘The Lightning Tree’?... Storytelling, theatrics and fear rising horror collides then twists and turns until we are all left unsure of the truth.


Thursday 12th April 2018, 7:30pm

Olive Tree Cafe, Cheney Manor

Connie's Colander

by Human Story Theatre


Connie is a retired domestic science teacher. Emily, her daughter, is enjoying hosting her first TV cookery show: Connie’s Colander, bringing her mother’s recipes onscreen and up to date. This newly written play from playwright Gaye Poole traces the evolving relationship throughout their lives, and the impact of Connie’s Alzheimer’s. Can their relationship, and the TV show survive? This ‘stripped back’ production, without lighting, costume or set design focuses on the play and the acting, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and informal.

★★★★ This is a compelling play, excellently acted and tautly directed ...” The Oxford Times

“… beautifully crafted, tightly written, intensely poignant and moving exploration of the effect of dementia on a mother and her daughter…a short dramatic jewel.” Daily Info


Friday 13th April 2018, 7:30pm

Town Hall, Swindon Dance

Kyle D Evans - Born to sum

by Kyle D Evans


Kyle D Evans is a singing mathematician and joke-telling nerd extraordinaire who has talked and sung about maths and pop all over the country. Over the course of an hour of original songs and stand-up, Born To Sum is a guided tour through the mathematical musings of pop’s big hitters, from Dylan to Drake, Kate Bush to Beyonce.Pop fans will learn something about maths, and maths fans might even learn something about pop.

He has talked & sung about maths & pop at various festivals including Manchester Science Festival and Edinburgh Fringe, and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s cult numbers show ‘More or Less.’ He is also very proud of having a song about the Riemann Hypothesis used as a local radio jingle - surely a world first.

"Kyle’s great - be there" Tim Harford

Famelab 2016 - a national award held to find the country's best new science communicator

Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Individual Medley I am Katrina Quinn and I come from Brighton. I tell stories with authenticity and courage.

George and the Flight of the Imaginees Gill from Brave Bold Drama based in Bristol. My company wants to bring theatre to all and promote creativity for everyone.

The Lightening Tree A new One Man Show staring Darren Little and written/directed by Matthew Clift. Our team are made up of Swindon boys but now Matthew lives in Lincolnshire and Dominic Bray, our technical designer, in Didcot.

Connie's Colander Human Story Theatre: Amy Enticknap & Gaye Poole are from Oxford. We produce new writing with a health and social care issue at heart.

Kyle D Evans - Born To Sum My sole purpose is to teach pop fans something about maths, and maths fans something about pop. I'm Kyle and I live near Winchester. I'm bringing Swindon some songs, jokes, maths, extended pop music over-analysis.

Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

IM Coffee, please.

GFI Coffee

TLT Matthew Clift, likes both but predominately coffee, Darren drinks coffee with so little milk in it looks like tar and Dom tends to chug energy drinks.

CC Amy likes a strong coffee you can stand your spoon in. Gaye prefers a hot milk with a splash of tea!


What kind of audiences to you appeal to?

TLT All those who enjoy a good stage drama and like to experience theatre in a traditionally non-theatre space

CC Those with a professional and/or personal interest in Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Mothers & daughters.

KDE-BTS Pop fans, maths fans, everyone in between

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

IM That it combines poetry with swimming lessons. Or some might say the highlight is my impersonation of Mariah Carey.

GFI It is full of fun with exciting chances for the audience to join in, and features a giant angler-fish, a French mole and…well…lots of other super exciting characters!

KDE-BTS A fully extended and corrected interpretation of Paul Simon’s ’50 ways to leave your lover’, with the missing 43 ways added for completeness.

If your show was a signature pizza, what would be the toppings?

IM Tuna for the swimming, extra cheese cuz there’s some RnB cheese in there, and a celebratory yet awkward sprinkling of smarties

GFI Something like…onions from the earth, anchovies from the water and a lovely crispy edge from the fire of the pizza oven, served so hot you have to blow air over it before you can eat it. (Earth, Air, Fire & Water are a BIG part of our show, by the way)

TLT Hot Chilies to match the drama and horror, chopped up hot dogs for a taste of America and Banana just because it surprises you|!

CC Lemon Meringue and Bacon Clanger.

KDE-BTS I’m more interested in pi.

Which famous person would you like to do a show with?

IM Imogen Heap, she could sing a beautiful live backing track to all my words and moves.

GFI Ooh. So many, but definitely Olivia Colman. She’s amazing.

TLT Kenneth Branagh, a big hero…but then again so is Paddington and his last two films did better than Sir Ken’s! So, perhaps a new one man show with the bear from Peru.

CC Amy: Maggie Smith. Gaye: David Mitchell.

KDE-BTS Johnny Ball. Or if we’re allowing fictional cartoon characters, El Nombre.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Swinge this year?

IM BearDog’s Sealfie - they’re the other half of our double bill. We’ve both got a watery theme and I’m intrigued by the seal puppets!

GFI I really love the work of Nos Three, so is has to be Friendly Ever After! I really loved their show “Blooming Out” and definitely want to see more of their shows.

TLT Whole Hog Productions staging of BRONTE. A fantastically imaginative play and all the actors/director working on it are brilliant!

CC I am Not a Solider, as we have just finished a tour of a piece exploring addiction and this play sounds a very exciting 'human story’ - therefore right up our street!

KDE-BTS Very interested in Swinge legend Rob Gee (who I conveniently am sharing a stage with) and my favourite punner Tony Cowards

“I’d be happy if my performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival…?”

IM ...inspires people to get on a dancefloor, jump in a pool, find more happiness in their own skin.

GFI ...gave families happy memories that will stay with them for a long time afterwards.

TLT ...gave people a bit of a chill, they got engaged in the story and then bought us all a drink at the end!

CC ...helped one person to understand and manage a relative, friend or patient with Dementia further.

KDE-BTS ...was in the top five musical maths comedy shows you see this year.

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Individual Medley

George and the Flight of the Imaginees

The Lightening Tree

Connie's Colander

Kyle D Evans - Born To Sum

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