What is a "Swinge"?




  1. A super awesome showcase of a broad variety of performing arts, carried out annually, typically across the great borough of Swindon.

It’s back! From the 6th – 15th of April this 2018 the Swindon Fringe Festival will once again explode across our fair borough, bringing with it a tornado of talented artists performing a rich diversity of shows across a broad spectrum of the performing arts world. Yes once again the Swinge will represent a perfect marriage of local with global, traditional with modern, funny with frank, Swindon with… Fringe. And with that in mind, this year we have…

Something Old! Some of our best loved (and award winning) performers from previous years are back including Tony Cowards – Punderdog, Rob Gee - Fruitcake – Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward and Brave Bold Drama - George and the Flight of the Imaginees

Something New! As always, the festival is teeming with brand new writing and superb Swinge newcomers such as Radio 4’s Kyle D Evans - Born To Sum, The O.S Map Fan Club and Instant Wit. We are also thrilled to announce a new venue! ‘The Crossing’, an exciting new space in The Brunel Shopping Centre will be hosting several shows this year.

Something Borrowed! As well as new writing we also have modern interpretations and reimagining’s of classics such as Brontë and Sealfie.

Something Blue! (Bare with us) The Groovy Pig Music Festival is back again this year and as well as a veritable deluge of musical genres, Damon T + Luke Philbrick will once more be bringing their soulful Americana Blues to The Vic along with a host of other artists including local favourites SexJazz and the intriguingly named Spunking Octochoke.

For more info - www.swindonfringefestival.com

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