The Groovy Pig Music Festival

7 hours. 10 bands. 1 night. It's going to be a Music Festival to remember.

The Swinge decided to celebrate all things with intstruments and voices due to the sheer volume of artists that applied. We couldn't choose just one so we picked them all to feature at The Victoria on Sunday 2nd April from 4:30pm onwards.

There is Acoustic, Blues, Flamenco, Folk, Percussion, Jazz, Punk, Ukulele, Bluegrass and Spunk Rock! A little something for everyone.

In The Spotlight

Sunday 2nd April, 4:30pm - Late

The Victoria


Sweet nightgale

Sweet Nightingale are an acoustic duo – Tim Shakespeare and Nat Armour. We have been playing across Swindon and Wiltshire for several years to great acclaim.

We reinterpret your favourite songs, both modern and classic, and give them back to you as rich, soulful tracks that you won’t forget. Our playlist is extensive and wide-ranging, and can include artists such as Buddy Holly, George Ezra, The Beautiful South, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Adele and Smokey Robinson.

One guitar, two voices, beautiful harmonies and music for your inner songbird.


Reel time

Probably the best, and only, bluegrass fusion group in Swindon; we are a group of friends playing the finest in folk, bluegrass and ballads. Our music is a melting pot of styles combining traditional Irish and Scottish tunes with American bluegrass rhythms to deliver foot-tapping tunes and memorable melodies. Keyboard dexterity is complemented by soulful violin and pulsing guitar. Add to this banjo beats and old country mandolin and you have an experience to remember. Fresh from performances in Reading and around Swindon , we add the ‘Yee Haw’ to the Fringe – so prepare to be amazed.


people like us

People Like US (P.L.US!) are an exciting Semi-Acoustic four piece band from Wiltshire. A unique and unorthodox act which features keys, bass, electro-acoustic cajón, kick drum/percussion, 12-string acoustic, 2 lead female and 2 lead male voices along with superb 3/4 four part harmonies.

Since forming last year they have wowed audiences with their highly entertaining mix of dialogue and musicianship. They are guaranteed to have you in the palm of their collective hand with exceptional and intricate covers of artists ranging from Radiohead to E.L.O to Pink Floyd.

Expect the unexpected!


against the grain

Powerful and uplifting music from the virtuoso duo Against the Grain - guitarist Matt Sullivan and percussionist Jo May. Against the Grain will dazzle you with their stunning musical skills and exciting performances. Stirring the styles of West Africa, South America and Spain, Jo and Matt create an original blend of musical flavours to whet your appetite - from jazz tunes with spoons to original masterpieces on balafon, cajon and flamenco guitar. A unique sound with an infectious groove.

Against the Grain enthrall audiences everywhere including main stage gigs at Towersey, Broadstairs and Sidmouth festivals and other headline venues.


Damon T & MArk Cole

Foot-stomping, heavily rhythm-oriented slide guitar accompanied by soulful vocals.


plucking different

High-energy, alternative ukulele band performing an eclectic mix of feel-good songs that will have you dancing in the aisles and grinning from ear to ear.


Flame & Co

British-Spanish duo of guitar and voice who impersonate the free, fluid spirit of flamenco.


Ella - celebrating 100 years

By Annette Gregory

Annette will be reflecting on Ella Fitzgerald's earlier career, moving through the various song book albums that Ella created and to be become 'The first lady of song'.


Terra 45

3-piece fun, original punk band from sunny Swindon!


spunking octochoke

A 2-bit spunk rock band...You won't know what's hit you!


Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Sweet Nightingale We are Tim and Nat from sunny Swindon. We bring old tunes to new audiences all year round.

Reel Time We are from Swindon and Reading. We are bringing foot-tapping instrumentals, bluegrass & folk songs and a lot of fun to the Fringe!

People Like Us We are 2 girls and 2 boys who love making music together. An electic mix of cover songs played to perfection. Our base is Devizes.. but if you really want to know details, two of us are from Warminster, one from Pewsey and one from Bridport, Dorset (yes, that is 'Broadchurch' country!)

Against The Grain I am Jo May from Against The Grain. We are a Guitar and Percussion duo from Swindon and Amersham.

Plucking Different We’re Plucking Different, an alternative ukulele band playing infectious, foot-tapping songs from all eras. Seems like every rehearsal we find a new song that we think, wow, can’t wait to play this one live! We started largely playing in pubs but we seem to be playing festivals more and more.

Flame & Co That is, the flame and the company it keeps, called Haydn Bonadie and Cristina (Navazo-Eguía) Newton. We create a dialogue between the guitar and voice, as was the tradition of Flamenco.

Ella - Celebrating 100 Years My name is Annette Gregory and I am a touring Jazz vocalist. Ella Fitzgerald is one of if not the best jazz vocalist and will be 100 years old (if she was still alive ) I will be performing from some of her best albums and well known singles.

Terra 45 We are Terra 45! A 3 piece original fun punk band from Swindon.

Describe your company in 3 words

RT Bluegrass Irish Fusion.

PLUS Unique, Unorthodox, Nutty.

ATG An unusual mix!

PD Unexpected, Catchy, Fun.

T45 Original Punk Band.

Describe your show in 2 words

SN Retro Retro.

ATG Energetic, Up-lifting.

F&C Flame & Company.

T45 Bright Exciting.

Describe you in one word

SN Beardy.

RT Prestidigitacious.

ATG Unconventional.

F&C Mongrel.

T45 Fun.

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

SN Songs you'd forgotten you'd forgotten.

RT Our special sound: banjo, violin, mandolin, guitar, keyboard.

PLUS Vocals (and a lot of humour!)

ATG We're a mix of Flamenco, West African, Cuban, Jazz & Folk.

PD It’s a fact that we do go very well with beer.

ELLA Accessible jazz music, not complicate, the history of jazz music and the impact.

What kind of audiences do you appeal to?

SN We are a duo, bringing a mix of folk, Americana, with a sprinkling of rock and pop on the side.

F&C People who are sick of the same old stuff and those who think they aren't.

If your show was a doughnut, what flavour would it be?

SN Custard, traditional favourite.

RT Blueberry.

PLUS Maple syrup (glazed…maybe with chopped nuts on)

ATG Probably half chocolate and half fried…

PD Definitely chocolate with sprinkles. No question.

F&C It would never be a doughnut, even for all the tea in China.

ELLA Strawberry with a touch of Mango.

T45 Strawberry.

What is the weirdest feedback you’ve ever received?

SN "May the wedding planners of the world beat a path to their door".

RT "Can you play something Hallowe'eny?"

PLUS "She appeared to be playing a holy water dispenser that sounded like a rattle snake... I was rather impressed!"

PD "Can I join?"

F&C “Ah, so Haydn is not actually Spanish?”

Who inspires your work?

RT Dead people.

F&C The Flame.

ELLA Ella Fitzgerald, Antia O’Day, Chris Connor.

T45 The Damned. Sisters Of Mercy.

If you weren't a performer, what would you be?

RT A Wild West Hero.

PD An astronaut.

Who would you be most excited to see on the front row of your audience?

SN A flock of wedding planners.

RT Bruce Springsteen.

PLUS KT Tunstall and John Mayer… and Santa obviously.

PD Che Guevara.

ELLA Gregory Porter.

T45 Sting of band The Police.

"I would be happy if my performance at the Swinge..."

SN ...made someone say "Oh I remember this one! Actually, it sounds quite nice when they play it!"

ATG people dancing.

PD … nails it!

F&C ...started a little fire for real flamenco in Swindon.

ELLA ..influenced one person to listen to jazz

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