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In The Spotlight


Saturday 1st April 2017, 2:30pm

The Bohemian Balcony

Church Of Phil Recruitment seminar

by Fire Donkey Productions

The Church of Phil invites you to an introductory enrolment seminar where you will have the opportunity to sign a non-negotiable life-long contract to become a member of “one of the world's most progressive spiritual movements”. Join two of Benevolent Phil's most loyal officiants as they guide you through the rigorous selection process and show you how the Church of Phil can improve your life. Hear creditable 100% unforced testimonies from current members and learn the secret to true enlightenment. Allow the omnipresent Phil into your mind and join us for an unforgettable experience. Expect to be awakened.


Saturday 1st April 2017, 2:30pm

The Bohemian Balcony

A visit from miss prothero

by Jackrill Productions

Sitting at home, recently retired Mr. Dodsworth is contemplating his life and achievements with quiet satisfaction when there is a sharp ring at the door: his former secretary has come to ruin it all.Permeated by Alan Bennett's ironic and compassionate observation, this play draws parallels between the technological revolutions of the Seventies and modern day business, whilst being funny, touching and true.


Monday 3rd April 2017, 8pm

The Victoria

Appily ever after

by Frenetic Fox Theatre

Paul's thumb has found 'the one'. Three & 1/2 inches long, durable and black. Drawn together by a multitude of dating apps and his owner's unrealistic yearning to be united with his soul mate. But where does this leave Paul? Can he gauge the intellectual capacity of a potential suitor by the extent of their typos? And can he answer the key existential question of our generation: Does one gym selfie truly capture the inner workings of your soul? Serenading you with original song, spoken word and desperation, join Paul as he questions your relationship with dating apps - exploring tech-addiction, disillusionment and how far are we prepared to go to be fulfilled. Recommended Age: 16+


Tuesday 4th April 2017, 6:30pm

Shoebox Theatre

The Door

by Alex Secker

Six strangers awaken to find themselves locked in a windowless room with no means of escape but a single door. When their unseen captor gives them a choice, stay in the room or go through the door and into the unknown, tensions run high as the group each try to persuade the others of their views, but can they really work together when they're already so divided?

The Door is the theatre debut of writer/director Alex Secker, a psychological thriller about division, paranoia and human interaction. Starring Laura Coates, Daniella Faircloth, David Higgins, Lindsay Linnegar, Matthew Mordak and Ashley Robson.

Recommended Age: 16+


Tuesday 4th April 2017, 8pm

The Victoria

100 acts of morality and kindness

by Matt Hoss

2016 was awful. Brexit. Trump. Pokemon Go. After an existential crisis and a break-up, Matt tries to make the world a better place, through 100 comical acts. He is ethical in food, fashion and feminism; whilst fighting Global Warming, the war on drugs and the Tories. Can one person make a difference? Can somebody be completely moral? Do rhetorical questions make you want to see this show? See Matt's stand-up comedy show about creating ultimate kindness.

"Matt Hoss gets the crown pumped" Inquire Newspaper

"Comic fans are in for a treat" Canterbury Times

Eric Barker Award Winner 2015


Wednesday 5th April 2017, 7:30pm

The Bohemian Balcony

The Justice Equation

by Seb Wolfe and Ben Poppy

Is law about morality? Or about which lawyer tells the best story? What is the right equation?

In 2027, this question still remains, particularly after the introduction of the “Useful Persons Act,” a law designed to ensure citizens deliver their absolute utmost to the workings of society.

The Justice Equation is an interactive courtroom drama following the trial of Emmet Barker; a man whose social value undergoes brutal examination. A new piece of original writing in which the workings of the new system is tested against the will of one man.

With alternate endings it’s up to you, the jury, to decide his fate.

Recommended Age: 15+


Saturday 8th April 2017, 2:30pm

Town Hall

laughs with tricks

by Stu Turner and Phil Reid

Comedy magician Stu Turner and comedian & ventriloquist Phil Reid come together for an hour of stand-up, magic and variety. Stu's offbeat act is sometimes silly, sometimes surreal, but always baffling and highly entertaining. Phil is a warm & vibrant comedian with a natural storytelling ability. This two-man show combines traditional stand-up comedy, with hilarious magic and ventriloquism with audience participation. The pair have both worked all around the country in comedy clubs, cabaret, and theatre, and are combining their skills to bring this cracking hour of comedy and variety to Swindon!


Saturday 8th April 2017, 2:30pm

Town Hall

Man of 1000 farces

by Johnny MacAulay

Man of 1000 Farces is a Schlock 'n' Roll explosion of magic, sideshow and physical comedy. If Tommy, Alice and Jilly Cooper had a lovechild, it would be Johnny Macaulay.

"I cried I was laughing so much" GJ, Brighton

"F**king hilarious. Go check it out" S Geddes, Edinburgh

Recommended Age: 18+

Quick Fire Round


Who are you?

Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar Fire Donkey Productions (aka Polly Preston and Liam McKenna) bringing you Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar.

A Visit From Miss Prothero Jackrill Productions with a lovely short play from Alan Bennett, 'A Visit From Miss Prothero'.

Appily Ever After Frenetic Fox with Appily Ever After – a is one-man, performance piece centred around Paul’s experiences app-dating which utilises projection to illustrate his experiences. The show blends original song, spoken word and explores themes including app-addiction and disillusionment.

The Door I'm Alex Secker. I'm actually a filmmaker. After I made my first feature film last year I decided to take on another challenge this year and write my first ever play, a psychological thriller called The Door. It was actually written, initially, to be a film, since that's where my background was, but when is saw the Fringe was on I decided to jump in at the deep end and convert it for stage.

100 Acts of Morality and Kindness Matt Hoss and I'm taking my second hour show: 100 Acts Of Morality.

The Justice Equation Seb Wolfe and Ben Poppy and we wrote The Justice Equation.

Laughs with Tricks I am comedy magician, Stu Turner, with my friend Phil Reid. We are bringing “Laughs with Tricks” - a fabulous show featuring stand-up comedy and magic.

Man of 1000 Farces Johnny MacAulay. Im bringing a physical comedy with magic sideshow and puppetry, called, “The Man of a 1000 Farces”.

Describe your company in 3 words

AVMP Innovative, Passionate, Fun.

100 (I’m a stand-up that means my company is me. So I’m stating my literal company) My company is enjoyable, sophisticated and endearing.

Describe your show in 2 words

CPRS Cult realness.

AEA Honest. Songs.

TJE Courtroom adventure.

LWT Lotta’ laughs!

M1000 Funny ,grotesque.

Describe you in one word

TD Human.

100 Sexy.

TJE Passionate.

M1000 Grotesque.

What is your show’s selling point / highlight?

CPRS The opportunity to sign a non-negotiable life-long contract to be part of one of the world's most progressive spiritual movements that is definitely 100% not a cult. Also the human sacrifice bit is hilarious (was that a stooge? Did they sign a release form? Who knows!?).

AVMP It's gentle, escapist fun that will take you back to the late 70's, and will make you laugh (we hope), and cry (we hope).

TD It's current. I guess that's a selling point. As for a highlight? I suppose I'd have to say the door itself. That's the highlight. That or the jug that features. Those two have been the easiest parts to cast, and I enjoy them very much.

100 It’s an innovative show as I’m trying to become the world’s most moral person by completing 100 acts of Morality and Kindness. Some of which will be completed in Swindon during the daytime of the performance (Keep an eye out!).

TJE Interactive – the audience are the jury and there are alternate endings, actively encouraged to pass judgement on someone! . Original and unique story written, directed and produced by us.

LWT It’s like a traditional variety show, so lots to keep you entertained. We’ve got magic, comedy, and a surprise element that we’re not revealing in advance.

What kind of audiences do you appeal to?

CPRS Weird ones.

AEA Disillusioned millennials and neo-liberals. Also people who like to watch accessible and engaging work.

TD I'd have to say thriller, horror people.

100 Slightly left-wing.

LWT The show is aimed at 16+ due to there being some semi-naughty language, but it really is aimed at all ages from 16 to 90. There’s something for everyone!

M1000 This is an adult show.

If your show was a doughnut, what flavour would it be?

CPRS Blood orange.

AVMP Sugared. Plain, simple, original, uncomplicated.

AEA Crème-egg flavoured. Inviting exterior with a delectably-scrumptious middle.

TD If my show was a doughnut it would be bitter.

100 I’m vegan so I find this offensive. Just kidding – my show would be a jam doughnut. It would be tasty and sugary on the outside, but full of a nice gooey middle which makes everyone feel really nice.

TJE Chocolate coated with a surprise centre of hundreds and thousands in golden syrup.

LWT Chocolate Dreamcake. Looks innocent & tasty on the outside, but once you delve inside, you find all sorts of pleasure and naughtiness.

M1000 Strawberry and anchovy.

What is the weirdest feedback you’ve ever received?

CPRS “I enjoyed the political commentary”.

AEA As a performer – an audience member told me I wasn’t desperate enough.

100 After one bad gig, a lady offered me mental health clinical services. Also one lady recently asked me to take off a disgusting shirt. I accepted. She was more disgusted by my torso. She asked me to put it back on.

TJE You can't merge film with theatre.

LWT I started my showbiz career in a comedy magic double act. I wore glasses, and my stage partner didn’t. We once had a hand-written fan letter in the post after a show that included the line “I particularly liked the one with glasses… And the one without”.

M1000 “風船に入ったのは 幼稚の高齢者”=Old man being infantile.

Who inspires your work?

CPRS Phil.

AEA Fringe theatre-makers like The Wardrobe Ensemble, In Bed with My Brother and Worklight Theatre.

TD I am James Luckraft-Law an actor and theatre maker from South West Devon. I am coming to Swindon with my one man show Just Charming. A comedy show which looks at the role of the prince in fairy tales, through the eyes of a guy who isn’t meant to be a prince.

100 Louis CK and Richard Herring by on large. But this project is essentially fueled by Josie Long and Mark Thomas.

TJE Orson wells, Arthur miller, George Lucas, Joseph Campbell . Ben Elton.

LWT All sorts from modern day performers such as Derren Brown right back to the classics such as Laurel & Hardy.

M1000 Tommy Cooper, Alice Cooper and Jillie Cooper.

What does a regular day look like for you?

CPRS Rise bright and early at 11am, 26 mile jog/brainstorm followed by strong coffee and hearty bowl of raw oats, then three hours sitting in front of Facebook, Twitter and emails, after which it's time for lunch (two hours, pasta and chips) then post-lunch coffee, Homes under the Hammer, Bargain Hunt, another hour on Facebook and emails, two hours of staring at a blank screen/lying on the floor crying/gardening. Finally about half an hour writing/workshopping/devising/improvising and converting ideas into a future masterpiece. Followed by dinner (leftover chips), a stiff pint of coffee (black) and bed.

TD Currently? A panic of trying to get ready. Usually? A panic of trying to get ready.

100 Lounge around in underpants. Tea. Tea. Write jokes. Tea. Scroll facebook. Be depressed at someone doing better than me. Tea. Play Video games. Gig. Laughter? Drive. Pet cat. Bed.

M1000 I perform street shows in London and usually escape straight jacket and chains in front of 600 people daily.

If you weren't a performer, what would you be?

CPRS Paying off a mortgage.

AEA Charity worker.

100 An underachiever.

TJE If we weren’t writers we'd probably be private investigators\batman.

LWT Spaghetti picker or an event organiser.

M1000 A Massage Therapist.

Who would you be most excited to see on the front row of your audience?

AVMP Strangers. As much as it is always great to see friends coming to see your shows, I believe our goal as performers is to reach as wide an audience as possible.

AEA Charlie Brooker.

TD People. If they actually show up then that would be exciting.

100 My audience from last year’s fringe. Or Alison Brie.

TJE Ian McKellen.

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A Visit From Miss Prothero

Appily Ever After

The Door

100 Acts of Morality and Kindness

The Justice Equation

Laughs with Tricks

Man of 1000 Farces

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