78 performances and only 1 Swindon Fringe Festival

Swindon Fringe Festival 2017 Part One complete!


We have received 78 applications in total from 74 performers who all live in 33 different places around the UK, stretching from Aberdeen to Penzance. And what a collection of work. The committee have been taking each and every application in with great big smiles on their faces. It is such a joy to see that many talented people so keen to be a part of the Swindon Fringe Festival next year.

Part Two is now choosing the acts. With only 26 slots to fill from 1st – 9th April, we are going to have a hard time choosing from shows that could’ve entertained Swindon for over 3 weeks (maybe something to consider for 2018…)

We will make our final announcements on the programme on the 1st December 2016. But while you’re waiting, we’re still trying to get some funding together to put this festival on. Our Kickstarter has been trickling away but we’re only 57% of the way to affording to print the programmes. If you haven’t donated yet, do it soon! There are only 15 days left!!!!


There has been a lot of artistic activity in Swindon over the last couple of weeks. The Bohemian Balcony opened its doors to the public on Sunday 6th November and had an incredible turn out. Dan Rivers wants to create a wonderful community of artists in Swindon and base for them to practice their work, share ideas and combine forces with other artists. At the moment, the building does need a lot of love, care and paint but luckily, there is a large group of volunteers already signed up and helping to make this space happen. There are script writers painting with engineers, dancers putting up scaffolding with film directors and many more mixed media artists getting their hands busy at The Bohemian Balcony. It’s a fantastic start for Dan and his team and we do hope that trend continues with artists working together to combine their talents and dreams, creating something wonderful. If you want to volunteer or learn more, or just pay a visit, join the group via the link below.


In other news, have you got your ticket for Evergreen by TS Theatre yet? If not, you’re too late! It’s sold out! But it would sell out when it’s only performing for one evening at the Shoebox Theatre on Saturday 26th November. TS Theatre has got a huge fan base that is very eager to see what Pete Hynds new writing will bring. This exclusive evening will be an experience shared by very few in Swindon, whom I’m sure will continue to talk about it forever afterwards. Their teaser pictures and article in the Swindon Advertiser give away nothing about its content. Even Peter (writer & performer), Sarah Felstead (director) and Becci Smith (performer) are refusing to say anything. All we can do is wait and see…. If you are keen to get a ticket, put a note up on their Facebook group and demand another performance! Or let people know you’ll willing to take their ticket if they can’t attend anymore...



That’s all from us this week. We’ve got to get our heads down and make some decisions. By 1st December, we promise to have for you a very exciting Swindon Fringe Festival programme.

1st December 2016 – Swindon Fringe Festival Programme Announced

3rd December 2016 – Kickstarter Fundraiser closes

3rd January 2017 – Tickets on sale at The Wyvern


Have a lovely weekend Swinge Fans. We’ll speak again next week!

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