Winter is Coming

Good morning Swinge Fans.

Welcome to November. A rather important month for us as we are about to bring the Swindon Fringe Festival applications to a close. But don’t worry! You still have 9 days to enter in your fantastic performance / workshop / idea / music / jokes / grandma’s best carrot cake via the Madam Renards website.

Our kickstarter has been doing fantastic as well! We’ve got 29 days to go and we are 49% of the way there. Our prizes have sparked up a lot of fun and conversation between the backers. Lots of people are giving generously and some taking it a step further to be part of the Platinum Ticket Price Draw. We’ve even had a couple of people who’ve opt straight for the pair of Platinum Tickets with no booking fees! If you haven’t had a look at the rewards, please have a gander as it might tickle your fancy. But more than anything, any amount you wish to donate to printing the Swindon Fringe Festival programs would be amazing.

So far our program is looking like it’s going to be very full! As of this morning we have already received 57 descriptions of live performances ranging from music to clowning, straight drama to improvisation, acrobats to physical theatre and Childrens’ workshops to Spoons workshops. We’re honestly going to have a very difficult time trying to narrow down everyone to just 9 days in April and we may even run out of venues in Swindon.

We’ve had lots of new and old Swindon Fringe Performers apply but this Friday we’d like to make a special mention to Whole Hog Productions who have made a come back after over a year of silence with a fantastic production of Bronte. It was performed at the Swindon New College in the Phoenix Theatre 2 weeks ago and it was a great example of how 3 very strong female actors could conquer the stage and bring to life the story of the Bronte sisters. With Fenella Harrop-Greenfield’s successful directorial comeback, she’s already thinking about the next project. Pugilist Specalist by Adriano Shaplin will be auditioned on Monday 14th November. It’s about four highly trained US Marines who are assigned a top secret mission to eliminate a high profile Middle Eastern Leader. It was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003 where it then followed on with a run in the West End, toured the UK and finally toured in America. It picked up every award going everywhere it went. Having read the play ourselves, we don’t think we can stress enough how incredible this piece is and Whole Hog Productions are looking for the best of the best (Sir!) to take part. Details of the auditions can be found via this link

That’s all from us this Friday. Keep an eye on the future key dates below. Make sure you submit your show, donate and get yourselves ready for the Swindon Fringe Festvail 2017.

Some dates to keep in mind…

13th November 2016 – Application for Swindon Fringe Festival closes

1st December 2016 – Swindon Fringe Festival Programme Announced

3rd December 2016 – Kickstarter Fundraiser closes

3rd January 2017 – Tickets on sale at The Wyvern


Have a lovely weekend Swinge Fans. We’ll speak again next week!

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