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Fun and thoughtful theatre, from the fabulous to the ridiculous this will be a riotous night of comedy-drama from two dynamic duos! Nobbo examines the lives of Ben and Jerry, wrestling with the stresses and strains of being a (moderately) successful Pantomime horse. Whilst Tropez! follows the extraordinary escapades of a failed cat burglar and a struggling gigolo.
Time & Location
Monday 8th April 2019
Theatre Square
About The Performances


Nobbo, Pantomimes trusty steed! Behind the laughs, could the front and back legs be dancing off in opposing directions?

Meet Ben and Jerry: the men behind the mule. Their lasting partnership has seen Nobbo reach
(moderate) stardom amongst children every festive season, but is all of this about to come crashing down?

Follow the motivations and revelations to Ben and Jerry's reservations on ‘keeping up the act’. Feel the frustration and heartache of both men through this fly-on-the-wall comedy-drama.

“Bittersweet Nobbo, physically and emotionally
connected” – Choice Radio Worcester


In the chic resort town of Saint-Tropez, a failed cat-burglar and a struggling gigolo form an unlikely duo, and these underdogs are taking aim at the top of St-Trop!

Among jostling jet-setters and glamorous glitterati, they concoct a screwball plan to pull off the biggest jewel heist in history; complete with wild chases, fleeting but passionate affairs and a persistent addiction to macarons. C’est si bon, indeed!

In Tropez!, award-winning comedy duo Nathan & Ida, answer that age-old question: Where do we belong?

Winners of the Best Performance at the Swindon Fringe, 2018

Ages 16+

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