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The Third Witch From The Left
Things take a turn for the classics in this dramatic Thursday night billing. First up is Monstrous, a powerful one woman show with more than a hint of feminism that explores the subject of female rage through the thoughts and feelings of Hera a 3000 year old Greek Goddess living in present day. Following is Third Witch From The Left, a play that shines a light on a lesser remembered character in Shakespeare's Macbeth and imagines what happened next for this female protagonist as she processes the events of that memorable night on the heath...
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Time & Location
Thursday 11th April 2019
Theatre Square
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Hera is angry, but she's been trying her best to get past it. She has a therapist, she's read all the mindfulness books she can find in her local library, she goes to yoga everyday  and she drinks more green tea than even Gwyneth Paltrow could stomach. Yet still that deep seated rage twists in her guts like a pit of vipers. Then again, when you're an Ancient Greek goddess, being filled with an unquenchable wrath comes with the territory. Perhaps it's time to have a little vent... but is the world ready for 3000 years worth of anger?

The Third Witch From The Left

Inspired by one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, 'The Third Witch From The Left' imagines what might have happened next in Macbeth. What's done cannot be undone - or can it? Meg the witch is haunted by a night she can never forget. Now a successful cookery writer and astrologer, she undertakes a time-travelling journey to find answers to what happened on that blasted Scottish Heath.

"Brilliantly written and beautifully acted" - Michael Hasted, Stage Talk Magazine

"It put the fun aspect back into traditional Shakespeare" - The Theatre by The Lake, Keswick 

Ages 18+

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