Apr 15, 2018 | Town Hall
The Ladykillers | Autobahn
The final session of The Swindon Fringe Festival 2018 and we’re going out in true Swinge fashion. First, Autobahn, a stimulating, fast paced modern drama adapted by The Scullions, a young company based just down the road in Bath. Second, The Ladykillers, a brutally dark comedy from Swindon’s very own Matt Fox, performed by San Francisco’s The Shelton Theater Company.
Time & Location
Sunday 15th April 2018
Town Hall
Swindon Dance
Regents Circs
About The Performances

(Ages 18+)


"But you never know, do you? No, you just never know what is going on inside the heart of a person, you can’t really ever be sure." Autobahn invites you to take a peek into the lives of 10 different people. 10 people that stretch the width and breadth of British culture. Everyone has something to say, but what isn't being said? what is really going on under the surface? The Scullions Neoterics invite you to ask these questions in this fast, original and immersive production that brings The Scullions to new and exciting heights in this thought-provoking adaptation.

The Ladykillers

Four women have one thing in common: they have all committed murder. In this raw performance written by Matt Fox, and brought to life by four actresses from San Francisco, these women are ready to come clean. Who did they kill? Why did they do it? Well, you'll have to come and find out.

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