Apr 07, 2018 | Phoenix Theatre
Individual Medley 
Do You Mind?
A creative afternoon of poetry and puppetry at The Phoenix Theatre. Individual Medley and Do You Mind? are two touching and poignant works from bright, up and coming performers.
Time & Location
Saturday 7th April 2018
 Phoenix Theatre
New College
New College Drive
About The Performances

(Ages 16+)

Individual Medley

Q. What happens when you move a 12-year-old from Basingstoke to Zambia? A. She swims Spoken word meets physical theatre in a coming-of-age tale about crossing borders. Join Katrina on a mesmerising poetic journey as she (awkwardly) discovers boys, boobs, backstroke and boarding school. This is a story of learning to fit into one’s skin—with the help of some swimming lessons and a sprinkling of early 00’s R’n’B!

Do You Mind?

Joni has met someone special, but how can she tell him she has a long term mental illness? And is this really the best thing to talk about on the 2nd date?

Everyone has had a moment when they've struggled to tell something important to someone they care about. Do You Mind? considers how we talk about the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and how honest we can be in a new relationship. A genuine solo-performance with engaging storytelling, beautiful puppetry and an old school overhead projector

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