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Harvey Greenfield is Running Late
Fresh Fringe Character Comedy with an emphasis on people. Swinge 2018s Best Comedy Performance Award Winner Paul Richards is back as Harvey Greenfield a man who struggles to say No who is finding that he cant please everyone all of the time. And Bedsitland is an absurdist rom-com centring around two lovable loafers who don't want to grow up...
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Time & Location
Wednesday 10th April 2019
Theatre Square
About The Performances

Harvey Greenfield is Running Late

Harvey Greenfield is a man in demand! A businessman, a charitable man, a man everyone wants to have a beer with. But is it possible to please everyone, all of the time? And at what cost to his family and his health?

Comedy writer/performer Paul Richards ("This riotously funny show might just be the funniest hour you spend at this year's fringe" - The Write Angle) explores our need to please, and why sometimes it's healthy to every now and then just sit in a shed and play Subbuteo, eat biscuits and pretend to be Meat Loaf.


WELCOME TO BEDSITLAND! Terry & Blandy exist in a one-room world, on a street near you - probably... The neighbours are noisy, the cat is insane and a never ending number of larger than life characters are knocking on the door waiting to be let in. But sometimes our lives get bigger than the tiny world we inhabit and you have to move out or move on.

Daft, fast-paced and poignant, this scripted play looks like improv - and just maybe it is... Directed by Jon Nash, performed by Samantha Lund and Jim Crago. Sit down and get comfortable... they certainly have. 

Ages 16+

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