Apr 13, 2018 | Town Hall
Friendly Ever After
Last year’s winners of the Best Performance at the Swindon Fringe Festival Award are back again to delight with another gorgeous and poignant performance. Brazils NOS Three present a fun and thoughtful piece on the subject of friendship in a show that is bound to enchant kids and adults alike.
Time & Location
Friday 13th April 2018
Town Hall
Swindon Dance
Regents Circus
About The Performances

Friendly Ever After

(Ages 6-11)

Friendly Ever After is a lovely story of Sarmento and Daluz, two young clowns trying to find true friendship. When fate unites them, they realise that cultivating a new friendship is not an easy job, particularly at this early stage of their lives. They discover together the beauty of friendship and the need to respect, help and understand one’s friend. Between many jokes, arguments, disputes and funny situations, Sarmento and Daluz discover with the help of the audience that friendship can be deeper and more rewarding if they simply start to act with kindness and tolerance towards one another.

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