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My Eternal Portion
The Ebbing Hour
A night of artisanal drama and new writing. Local playwright Jane Dale presents My Eternal Portion, a funny, dark, multi-genre play that approaches a broad range of topics with an array of weird and wonderful characters. And The Ebbing Hour, an ambitious, fascinating and beautiful tale about the fragility of the human psyche and our enduring will to survive. 
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Time & Location
Friday 12th April 2019
Theatre Square
About The Performances

My Eternal Portion

My Eternal Portion by Jane Dale. Welcome to a world in which 'unquiet' spirits bother each other, rather than the living. Will Cooper stumbles into an afterlife peopled by troubled souls, including a militant suffragette, a medieval stonemason who made a mint after the Black Death, a crazed English martyr from the time of Elizabeth the First and an enigmatic 'leader who may or may not be divine. Will is doing OK on his counselling programme, until his wife pats a visit. But the havoc really starts up when his father pays an unexpected visit...

This play, by a first time local writer, is funny, dark and just a little bit bonkers.

The Ebbing Hour

The Ebbing Hour by David Martin. As funeral bells chime, a mysterious woman whispers a terrible secret to a grieving wife. Years later, now in therapy, the woman pieces together the jigsaw of her life, the damning relationship with her father and the disturbing truth behind that secret whisper.

"A provocative, fascinating and beautiful tale" (Theatre Bath), packed with depth, intrigue and pathos alongside humility and humour to bring us slowly, expertly face to face with our own slender grip on reality. Storytelling of human fragility and our enduring will to survive at its devastating best. Contains adult themes and some strong language.

Ages 18+

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