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Applications for Swindon Fringe 2020 have closed, and unfortunately due to coronavirus, the festival was not able to run this year.
We are looking into options for the 2021 Fringe, with information to be announced around late 2020 once we have a better sense of viability.
You can find info below on our application process (with a note that it may be subject to change in the future). 
Applying to Swindon Fringe
Swindon Fringe Festival is open access, so anyone can apply to perform. And we accept all forms of performing arts. Theatre, comedy and family shows tend to be our most popular, but we're open to absolutely everything. And we're keen to have a broad mix of styles and level of performers' experiences.
Application Tips:

1 - Read our FAQs before starting your application.

2 - We advise people to complete the form on a desktop rather than a mobile.

3 - Take your time to prepare and include all the information you need to really sell your show to us.
4 - Applications are judged all together AFTER the application deadline. So don't rush to submit your application as we judge them on the how much we like your show rather than who submits soonest.
5 - Don't forget obvious but important info like contact details.
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