Apr 09, 2019 | The Victoria
Andrew White: 
Retirement Tour
A truly fringe worthy mix for this quirky Tuesday night line up. Join Andrew White, the 19 year old stand up who is considering calling it a day... don't miss his hilarious last hurrah! On the flip side are a group with a much graver set of circumstances, a group of taxidermists who keep finding themselves on the wrong end of the knife. A comedy as dark as it is curious.
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Time & Location
Tuesday 9th April 2019
The Victoria
Victoria Road
About The Performances

Andrew White: Retirement Tour

What do you do when your life comes to a crossroads? Write a show about it of course!

At 19 years old Andrew White can't help but question his next steps in life. Should he keep slogging it out on the comedy circuit? Or is University the best option? Will this really be his Retirement Tour?

A brand new comedy show from "one of the most talked about rising star comedians" (Essex Magazine). Weighing up his future, Andrew takes a hilarious look at making decisions, his place in the world, and the conflict of the creative and the academic.

"Insightful... hilarious" - The List


Something is not rotten at the annual gathering of the Greater-Northern-Suffolk Taxidermy Society. As a string of suspicious accidents leave the surviving members with some life-size specimens to display, these seasoned weasel-cleavers may need to take a break from their barnyard-embalming, alpaca-packing and puffin-stuffing. Especially if they wish to preserve what little remains of the society's long-standing reputation. 

Gardyloo Theatre delivers a deliciously dark comedy that will leave you in stitches

"Magnificent... bizarre... bold" Liverpool Sound & Vision

Ages 16+

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