About Swindon Fringe Festival

Swindon Fringe Festival has been running since 2013. We started with six shows, which were staged in our founder's house over a weekend. 


We've now hosted over 350 shows and workshops across 10 different fringe venues. We attract international acts, with past performers and writers coming from Brazil, America and Italy. There are plenty of local favourites too and we always try to include local talent. 

We include all performing art forms and love seeing something a bit different. We're happy to include work in progress shows and part of our model is that audiences give each show a written 'three word review', to help performers and companies develop their work.  

Swindon Fringe Festival is run by passionate volunteers, with a largely new team in place for 2020. Bios to follow... (we were recruiting for 2020 when covid hit). Contact us at hello@swindonfringefestival.com if you'd like to know more.

Our Aims



  • To put on inspiring and inclusive shows, that engage and entertain Swindon audiences. 


  • To give Swindon audiences the opportunity to see something dazzling and new that they couldn't see in a local commercial venue, or would have to travel to see.


  • As well as bringing top talent to Swindon, we want to use our profile to promote the great work that's happening locally. 

  • To offer opportunities for local performing artists, by encouraging a supportive performing arts environment in Swindon.


  • To help performers/companies develop their work by getting our audiences to give a written 'three word review' of their show. 

  • We challenge our performers and our audience on how they engage with performing art and look to find new audiences by venturing outside of traditional theatres.


  • We're accessible for audiences, with many tickets starting at £5, and also for performers, with no entry fees and a 75% profit share.